In Singapore, most termite (white ants) activity can go undetected without the trained eye of a professional. Most termites activity in their early stage keep its operation hidden beneath flooring, wood trim and behind walls, which makes their event not as regular as sightings of cockroaches, ant and others. However, termites can be classified as a notorious house pest because of the damages they are capable of, termites infestations are commonly found in Singapore due to its humid environment that provides the best conditions for them to thrive. Home are particularly venerable to termites since they like to build their colonies in woods and feed on ceiling joists and wall studs. If care is not taken, their colony could reach to the structures that support your home and cause damages that are beyond repairs.

At Singapore Termite Services, there serve both commercial and residential properties, we can ensure that our biological method will not expose family members, employees, or customers to toxic chemicals. Our services is designed to reduce the risk to the environment and the people around it, through the use of our bio-tech termite control method. We diagnose and handle infestations with the combination of our experience, technology and we’ll trained professional to solve your termite problem.

Reasons why you should not use chemicals?

About our health concern

Although many termites control company always claim their pesticide treatment are eco-friendly and safe to human but the fact is that long exposure to this chemicals either pesticide or termiticide at could lead to many health effects. Yet many house has decided to use chemical spray on other method may because it is easier and cheaper for home treatment. However, the use of chemicals indoor is not recommended as  you might expose yourselves to the following side effects, skin disease or death. So please take full precautions when you do termite control on your own.

Inefficient treatment methods

Many household owner we have encountered always claim the use of chemical spray treatment as ineffective method since they still return after using the method and wonder why.The reason is that the purpose of most of this chemical spray is to eliminate them on impart and to prevent them from returning to the same place. However, the chemical only reduces their population and does not kill the king and queen. Hence, its just a matter of time before they regroup and spread to other space where there is not traces of chemicals to continue to search for food. And this time, they can show up at different areas where you are least expected. Another disadvantage about chemical spray, it does not cover your 100% of your house, places left behind include beneath wooden floor, behind your wall etc.

The environmental impact depends on how you apply the pesiticide which could directly or indirectly cause contamination. Since termiticides are specifically manufactured to solve the termite infestation problems. However, when necessary precautions is not carried out, the use of the chemical could lead to several contamination of the your environment. These contamination includes, water sources, ground water contamination and other areas of the environment that can be contaminated after clearing the terminal infestation by chemicals. You may need to consider other termite control methods so as so the risk of communication other chemical treatment disadvantage discussed above.

Our termite control services

Since our mission is to preserve the environment, We only use bait system to eliminate termite colony. Most of the companies use chemical to poison the termite colony. Our bio solution is developed in a way that does not contains any toxic ingredient. Our bio technology uses an active genetically engineered ingredient to breakdown the termite digestive system instead of poisoning the entire colony . Our active ingredient are modified to eliminate the protozoa living inside their digestive system. Though termites usually feed on cellulose within wood but the termites do not actually digest the wood themselves. Instead, their digestive system is made of microorganisms called protoza. These protozoa actually digest the wood inside the termite, producing by-products that termite can digest as food. Without the help of this protozoa, termite will be unable to digest the wood into digestible by-products. Since the entire colony depends on the workers for their survival. Every termite infestation are carried out by the workers for searching of food and distribution. Feeding the of the termite with our genetically engineered ingredients will kill the protozoa inside the termite gut, which leads to the death of the termite colony.Since the entire colony depends on food for them to sustain themselves.

Natural and alternative termite control

Termite resistant wood

One of the most common natural way prevent is to construct new structures with woods that are known to be naturally resistant to pests. Woods such asblack walnut, redwood, and bald cypress and many heavy hardwoods can resist termites for a long time.

Introducing of pest predatory

Biological controls are common method since they do not involves the using of harmfully chemicals. This involves the use of nematodes. These nematodes are usually added to water and directly poured into termite nest openings to infect the termites worker so as to kill them and starve the queen other to death.

What our clients saying

  • Thank you so much for the professional termite control solution! I appreciate you guys taking care of the termite that cause us so many problems.
    Jerry Lim
  • Extremely happy with the result. Very professional termite inspection and treatment. I will recommend your company to all people that i know. Awesome work!
    Shirley Leow

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